• @reversebananimals@lemmy.world
    17 months ago

    Nope. The starting point of your and my interaction was you making a snarky meme containing 0 facts that implied anyone who thinks nuclear reactors are scary or have risks are so dumb they can’t tell the difference between 2 copies of the same picture.

    Then when I called you out on your juvenile behavior and the emotional nature of your argument, you implied I had no reading comprehension and told me to read your other comments.

    To use your phrase, “the facts are” that it only takes one bad-enough meltdown to potentially obliterate life on the planet, and that makes nuclear power of any kind a VERY complicated topic. Nuclear power CAN be very useful, but it can also be very dangerous.

    Pretending like its a magic bullet is infantile and only harms your cause.

    Don’t like my ad-hominem attacks against you? You’re getting treated the way you treated all of Lemmy when you posted that dumb meme. Now you know how you made everyone else feel first.

    • Clarke
      7 months ago

      My entire point is that idiots like you are comparing modern reactors which can’t melt down to catastrophic levels like a Chernobyl event to a f****** RBMK Soviet reactor. A design thought up 80 years ago a design that was out of date when it was constructed. A design that had no fail safes. A design that had no containment vessel. Totally the same thing though. The meme is for you since you cannot tell the difference between the two