This and many others taken over the years around Digbeth, Birmingham UK, no longer exist.

They usually stay for a good long while but eventually another event takes place and a new one goes up.

They are almost never defaced but sometimes the locations become unavailable due to being demolished etc. It’s all Victorian era and much is changing in the area, not least because of HS2.

I have the usual online photo storage and I get those memory notifications, and sometimes they include one of these. If it’s ok, I’d like to share them here for a kind of posterity. I would occasionally put them on Reddit but as I’ve found this place now I’d rather it be here.


  • punkisundead [they/them]@slrpnk.netM
    2 months ago

    Hey, if possible, please provide an image description in the post body. <3

    Also anyone not OP can reply to this comment with an image description.

    Also if you feel a piece is wholesome / sweet than keep posting :)