The U.K. Parliament is close to passing the Online Safety Bill, which threatens global privacy by allowing backdoors into messaging services, compromising end-to-end encryption. Despite objections, no amendments were accepted. The bill also includes content filtering and surveillance measures. There’s still a chance for lawmakers to protect privacy with an amendment preserving encryption. A recent survey shows the majority of U.K. citizens want strong privacy on messaging apps.

  • Echo Dot
    7 months ago

    Online Banking would probably just have to… stop.

    What will happen is usually what happens when the UK government introduces a brain melting stupid law (basically any time they do or say anything).

    The government will suddenly find out that all the people that said that their stupid law won’t work, were right, and that it doesn’t work. Shockingly.

    Then it will end up getting hastily revised into something moderately functional which will necessitate modifying it to the point at which it effectively doesn’t exist, and we all get on with our lives. Repeat process ad nauseum.

    See the porn age verification law. Which never ended up happening.