Has anyone else noticed that Wikis for most games just aren’t as complete anymore?

I’m the one helping to fill in stuff these days when I swear most games had pretty fully Wiki pages within a week of release. Have most of these just moved to actual Gaming article websites? They sure as hell haven’t gone to Gamefaqs lol.

I’ve recently played Diablo 4, Remnant 2, 30XX, Armored Core 6, and just started Have a Nice Death… and I’ve had to help with additions on nearly every free Wiki… Never used to have to do this…

  • @Jabbawacky
    9 months ago

    I’m the biggest Xenoblade geek around - what the fuck at your later part (not at you). If you mean Future Redeemed, that is absolutely 100% tying up the entire trilogy (and also tying in Gears/Saga/X as much as Takahashi could do), and yes - there are multiple monados (A’s, Alpha’s). Shulks is a replica, but the other two are literally split from Ontos’ original. Matthew’s gauntlets are also arguably a Monado too, powered by the Pneuma core, and I would also argue that N’s sword of the end is also a Monado, based on the Logos core.

    I had enough with the Xenoblade community back when XB3 launched and the usual culprits who also run the wiki absolutely laughed anyone out of the room who suggested those statues in the city were of Shulk and Rex. I mean, the descriptions and look made it obvious to anyone with a brain (and FR proved yes, it was them) - but no, these things have to be spelled out in black and white and made 100% obvious apparently otherwise it can’t be true. It’s sad, frustrating, and goes against the entire philosophy of the series.