Shots fired by Oracle. I trust them about as much as I have a chance of sailing with Larry Ellison (also, ever notice how he looks like a Bond villain?), but I could see their arguments swaying at least a few folks who are looking for a corporate-backed enterprise distro that has the resources and incentive to keep up. Maybe at some point some of their SRPMs even end up assisting Rocky or Alma.

It’s a sad day when Oracle in word and deed is being more friendly to the community than Red Hat (“We do not have subscription agreements that interfere with a subscriber’s rights to redistribute Oracle Linux”).

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  • Mane25
    1 year ago

    Yeah, there’s no company I would trust less than Oracle, and I wouldn’t have even believed that even they would stoop so low to offer this criticism given their own history. My memory is longer than a few years, Red Hat is a company that has a history of acquiring other companies for the purpose of open-sourcing its codebase. Oracle has a history of ruining anything open source that it acquires.