Many voters believe, with good reason, that none of this would have happened without Biden’s assent. Biden has continued to speak of Israel’s attack on Palestinian civilians using the absurd language of “self-defense”. He has insulted Jewish Americans and the memory of the Holocaust by invoking them to justify the slaughter. And though his White House repeatedly leaks that he is “privately” dismayed by Israel’s conduct of the war, he has done little to stop the flow of US money and guns that support it.

Even after the US state department issued a vexed and mealy-mouthed report on Israel’s conduct, which nevertheless concluded that it was reasonable to assess that Israel was in violation of international humanitarian law, the Biden administration has continued to fund these violations. That state department report was published on 10 May. The Biden administration told Congress that it intends to move forward with a $1bn arms sale to Israel. “OK, [Israel] likely broke the law, but not enough to change policy,” is how one reporter summarized the administration’s judgment. “So, what is the point of the report? I mean, in the simplest terms, what’s the point?”

Meanwhile, Biden has expressed public disdain for the Americans – many of whom he needs to vote for him – who have taken to protest on behalf of Palestinian lives. Speaking with evident approval of the violent police crackdowns against anti-genocide student demonstrations, he said coolly: “Dissent must never lead to disorder.”

  • @JoBoOP
    -1429 days ago

    Choosing to treat anyone who thinks otherwise as too stupid to realise this is exactly why Trump might win. Please stop.

    • And people refusing to acknowledge that Biden is better than Trump in every way is going to help Trump get elected as well. We’re not calling you stupid, we’re pointing out the facts on the ground and why your strategy results in more harm to the people you want to protect.

      The only way we beat Trump is by coalescing the Democratic coalition. That’s going to take the politicians responding to voters needs AND the voters to show up and prevent GOP victories. Withholding your vote in November, regardless of what Biden does, results in progressive causes backsliding further and makes it harder if not impossible to gain control in the future. I want people to understand that voting is a strategic choice, not a moral one.

      728 days ago

      It’s like 2016 all over again. It’s fascinating how we learned absolutely nothing.

      We’re fucked and there’s nothing we can do about it

      I’ll vote for Biden, and do it proudly, but I’d never be so pathetic as to resort to whatever the fuck these grandstanding libs/Dems/definitely not progressives are doing when they try to “convince” people to support the candidate they support (read: try to feel morally superior for their vote) as they look down their noses at anyone that dares to ask, “Hey, did Clinton oppose gay marriage? Did she do enough to oppose the Iraq War when she was Secretary of State? Is it true she’s said some super racist shit in the past?”