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    The channel got off to disappointing start with “zero viewers” during primetime broadcasts, meaning its audience was too small to register on the official rating agency, Barb.

    TalkTV and GB News have faced investigations by the media regulator Ofcom over complaints about impartiality breaches by presenters.

    Scott Taunton, TalkTV’s president of broadcasting, in an email to staff presented the move as a reflection of audience preferences for online viewing.

    It said: “Two years ago, we would not have been brave enough to launch a channel without a linear presence, but audiences of all ages have moved fast and smartphones are now the primary device where news is consumed.

    The briefing to staff added: “Talk will continue broadcasting as a livestreaming news and opinion channel, distributing through streaming platforms to include YouTube, Amazon Fire, Samsung, LG and others.

    The launch schedule for its first day on 25 April 2022 started with The News Desk with the Sun’s former political editor Tom Newton Dunn, followed by Morgan’s Uncensored show.

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