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  • That’s correct. Electro-chemical storage is not limited by the Carnot efficiency limit like combustion engines are. Conversion losses should be a huge factor in choosing energy storage.

    The fertilizer that’s propping up our unsustainable factory farming is created using the Faber process that turns methane and nitrogen into ammonia. Food prices are lower because methane is cheap as a byproduct of oil refining. It might be cool to instead take carbon out of the atmosphere and then convert it into fertilizer to grow plants that remove even more carbon from the air.

  • Here’s a quick summary of some of the more objectionable points you appear to be making in your comment. Let me know if I got any of this wrong.

    • Auzy is accusing me of lying and being a secret GOP supporter. This is not conspiracist thinking, because they’re only accusing one person of lying, and a conspiracy involves multiple people.

    • Auzy is wrong in accusing me of being deceptive, but I am instead an emotional person who can’t rationally comprehend the articles that I share, and am just not capable of preventing myself from being manipulated by deceptive journalists.

    • The article Since Feeding the Homeless Is Illegal, Activists Carry AR-15s to Give Out Food, Supplies is fundamentally an advertisement for guns, in part because it uses the term “AR-15s” in the title, which is a Colt product.

    • In order to make a post, one needs to personally endorse both the source and content, because by sharing the wrong articles that you found interesting that other people might like to discuss here on this forum, you may be promoting capitalism. Sharing unique reports from a small political fringe site like that are unreported in other sources is a form of promoting capitalism, while in general sharing journalism from large news corporations like the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times does not promote capitalism.

  • Three times as many people seem to disbelieve your intentions as believe them.

    That’s not how Lemmy voting works. “Shooting the messenger” is the phenomenon where people get information that contradicts their desired reality, and are more likely to not only reject it outright, but worse, punish the sources delivering the message. There may also be some in-group vs out-group bias going on here.

    @Auzy is the only one who is claiming that the feed the homeless article was “pretending to be feel good news” - that’s obviously not the case. Maybe you should elaborate on why you think a particular article is deceptive, and how you hold other Beeple’s posts to the same standard.

  • The United States is the worlds #1 exporter of guns. North Korea is their only rival when it comes to military enlistment per capita. Only China and India have larger standing armies. They are the backbone of NATO, and widely regarded as the best when it comes to making war. Arms manufacturers eroded healthy gun culture long ago to create a large domestic market for their product during the short lulls in the forever war against America’s enemies. Expecting Americans to have a sane domestic firearm policy is like expecting Brazilians to pass laws to encourage moderation in coffee consumption.

    I would love to see the police disarmed and de-militarized. I’d love to be able to go to a protest without having to accept getting shot by police or a vigilante is just one of the risks - hell I’d like to go to the barbershop without having to accept getting shot by police or a vigilante is just one of the risks. But Democrats have increased funding year after year to the military industrial complex and voted for every war on the docket while wondering out loud why every other nation has significantly less mass shootings. Please don’t join the useless chorus.

    The Republicans have openly called to exterminate leftists, kill women who won’t submit, and celebrate America’s genocides. They’ve made celebrities of people who gun down protestors. They’re dehumanizing transgender people, refugees, and people of color. This next election could be the trigger for a new era of internal genocide. Every call for dis-armament in the United States has been targeted primarily at urban people, the poor, and people of color. Do you think that’s progressive?

    Australia’s foreign policy and domestic defense relies heavily on the expectation of American intervention in military matters. If you had your own bonkers gun industry and military complex with a stranglehold on politics and the economy, maybe I’d consider the Australian gun control model realistic. It’s hypocritical to knock people who keep guns when you’ve got an arsenal-owning bogan uncle down the way who will rock up the minute you turn on a blue.