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  • Peas and beans! Great recommendation. Did a little looking and they can grow in five gallon buckets, which should be perfect. Wish I could do more viney plants like melons but my space is extremely tight. I’m going to start my lettuce and carrots earlier this year so they have a chance to do something before it gets real hot out. Temps here are generally pretty nice, though I did lose an entire batch of black swallowtail caterpillars to the heat two years ago. Those little buggers can’t take much above 85F.

  • I wanted to like Mastodon but couldn’t. The only reason I used microblogging services like Twitter was to shitpost about Vampire: The Masquerade. Said game includes lots of death, blood, and other topics that make some folks uncomfortable. On Twitter, the atmosphere was very “don’t like, don’t read”, but Mastodon has an intense culture about using content warnings on anything that might make someone marginally uncomfortable. I’m cool with that, but I can’t do it on my shitposting or it sort of ruins the joke. Bluesky doesn’t have that atmosphere.

  • A friend of mine created similar detailing on the leather jacket they made. It involved hand-cutting tiny deltas out of plastic, adhering it to the jacket, then painting it with some kind of leather protectant to create the embossed effect. They’re not sure how well it will hold up over time but it looked great on first wear.