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  • Good example, I hope confirmation will be crucial and hopefully required before actions like this are taken by the device. Additionally I hope the prompt is phrased securely to make clear during parsing that the website text is not a user request. I imagine further research will highlight more robust prompting methods to combat this, though I suspect it will always be a consideration.

  • Given that personal sensitive data doesn’t leave a device except when authorised, a bad actor would need to access a target’s device or somehow identify and compromise the specific specially hardened Apple silicon server, which likely does not have any of the target’s data since it isn’t retained after computing a given request.

    Accessing someone’s device leads to greater threats than prompt injection. Identifying and accessing a hardened custom server at the exact time data is processed is exceptionally difficult as a request. Outside of novel exploits of a user’s device during remote server usage, I suspect this is a pretty secure system.

  • ReachtoStar Wars@lemmy.worldThe Acolyte discussion and review megathread
    1 month ago

    The Jedi are SO competent with the force. Some memorable points (spoilers ofc):

    • The masters’ restraint in never igniting their lightsabers unless lethality is absolutely necessary, relying on the force as their primary defence.
    • The contrast between Yord’s anxious rule-focussed approach and Sol’s force-led approach.
    • Torbin’s impenetrable force aura whilst meditating - for over 10 years!!
    • Sol’s ability to restrain Mae in-place whilst using the force to figure out what she knows
    • Every single example of Jedi mind trick use
    • The lightsaber hilts and sounds each being more refined and elegant imo

    Instantly sending me back to the pre-prequel era games, books & comics this series is. I am so glad that they chose to flesh out this era with the High Republic books first to ensure we have a vast array of literature and strong world building to draw from.

    Naturally hyped for next week. We’re eating well today.

  • Reachtohololive@lemmy.worldmagmite_irl
    11 months ago

    Sincere condolences to all the Magmites and Vesties who held these two as their oshis. Losing a parasocial connection is a real and valid sense of loss, and a sobering reminder of how temporary things can be.


    Tempus forever, love and respect to talents and fans alike. 💙🧡💜❤️💜💛