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  • I’m not right wing, but I’m in a few more “free speech” nerd groups where there’s a decent number of right wingers, I’ve never heard of either of those, so I can’t really comment about the specific examples.

    With any of these thing’s I don’t think it’s a homogenous group though, you can usually separate them into certain subgroups:

    • People that are really into a setting and will complain about any minor detail being changed. They’ll complain about a character’s hair or nail polish colour being changed just as much as their skin colour. IMO these are usually the majority.
    • Actual racists. Not much more to say here.
    • People who will complain about anything. They changed something? it’s ruined; they kept something the same? it’s ruined.
    • Grifters. Just wants to get money and attention from youtube, will latch on to any criticism of anything if they think an hour long rant video about how “woke ruined x” will get them views. The minority, but by far the loudest. Often overlaps with 2 and 3.

    So out of those, 2, 4 and sometimes 3 will still be complaining about new settings that are perceived as “woke”.