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  • You can PM one of us admins about it via Lemmy or Matrix.

    If it’s an active community then we’ll pass it on to the rest of the team to see if a new mod can be found. As I type this, my lemmy.world reports dashboard shows 363 open user reports. We need attentive mods in our active communities to handle those; the admin team can’t possibly keep up on our own.

    If it’s an inactive community then we will probably just leave it alone. The incremental cost of having one more inactive community on the instance is negligible. On the other hand, intervening has the potential to create trouble if the mod eventually logs in and sees that their community has been changed/locked/removed while they were away.

  • I assigned you as the moderator to !popculture@lemmy.world

    Assigning/removing mods is a manual process handled on a case-by-case basis. There is no official policy about removing banned users from their mod roles, though that doesn’t seem unreasonable.

    Communities with no mods (or absent/inattentive mods) keep humming along until something brings them to the admin team’s attention. There are hundreds of communities like that on this instance. Lemmy.world does have a Community Team who try to find and address communities that need moderation help. It’s a big task, though.