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  • I use Brave browser which has been more consistent than ABP/uBlock for ad blocking without glitches, but I’m thinking I need a new front end. I’m actually considering paying for Premium, but I have no faith that the UI won’t still be terrible.

    We have Grayjay on an android tablet which is brilliant, I’m hoping a windows and iOS version comes out soon.

  • That’s a terrible thing to say!

    …Only joking.

    I tried to buy an EV for my parents a couple of weeks ago and the dealer had the EV misinformation playbook memorised and tried to convince us that EVs were a fad and that should get a hybrid until Hydrogen takes over.

    I’ve decided that whenever I see these common myths, I’m not going to just let the misinformation go unquestioned.

    In this case I think specifically focusing on EVs will generate more clicks for article writers, but it does also feed a common anti-EV narrative that they are somehow worse than ICE cars because of tire wear, which is not true.

    I do see the other side that the tires being developed are specifically looking at EV owners, so this is a tough one to get the balance right on, but I do still think the headline is written to stir trouble and generate clicks.

    One thing is certain, America needs to stop buying so many trucks!