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  • Communities are best served by an instance more tailored to their content. General instances are good and convenient for people new to the platform, but they’re dangerous to communities. Think of all the beehaw.org communities that are effectively quarantined from .world users. Not that defederation is wrong, in fact I’m a huge supporter of defederation as a whole. But putting relevant content onto a more relevant instance will ensure that the community will be more likely accessible, broadly, to users regardless of defederation.

    If .ml wishes to not have anime content, that’s entirely their prerogative. It’s important, then, that anime be moved to somewhere that is is welcome, or else those in the community may find themselves without a community at any given time.

  • Communities on the fediverse aren’t beholden to a single instance as well. If .ml admins can’t come to agreement to refederate, y’all should contact the shinobu bot dev to start including links to ani-social discussions on this instance, and petition mods of this community to do something to help that transition (what that is? I dunno).

    That said, I’m saying this having read these comments but not the og post. idk what the actual context to the conversation is, nor validity of the defederation, I’m just pro-democracy.

    I of course can’t speak on behalf of N3DSdude, but I’m in support of whatever the community wants to happen, happening. Just give us reason to believe it’s actually a significant portion of the community please

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    Totally valid. For me the killer feature is being able to change the weights for various sites, making it so websites with content that’s not useful to me or I don’t like don’t appear[1], pinning websites that I consider best-of-class for their relevant searches[2], and prioritizing websites I do like, but aren’t always the best answer[3].

    They also have a “Lenses” feature that lets you make your own search lens (like I have one for Lemmy-only results), but I’ve not really had much use for those.

    1. e.g. apple.com, facebook, nypost, quora ↩︎

    2. e.g. wikipedia, the ffxiv wiki ↩︎

    3. e.g. opencritic, speedrun.com, cbc, w3schools, github ↩︎

  • Forgive my ramblings, but here’s the main differences I see, from a community perspective:

    Bluesky’s for people who loved twitter circa 2015
    Mastodon’s for people who loved the format but hated the way the platform made use of it. The community is FOSS-focused and anti-corporate.
    Bluesky folks are anti-corporate, but they still want their social media to be on a single platform and tend to dislike federation
    Mastodon folks tend to be in smaller circles and more tech enthused

    Features-wise, Mastodon kills the algorithm in favour of chronological timelines and lists, while Bluesky embraces algorithms, allowing people to even make their own algorithms for the platform. Bluesky’s AT Proto uses “DIDs” to identify users, which are associated directly with a domain[1]. This means that when federation does eventually happen, usernames will just be @my.domain.com instead of ActivityPub’s @actor@my.domain.com.

    Federation’s still not enabled so I have no clue how things will look and feel on that front, nor am I familiar enough with the protocol to make any claim about how versatile it is. ActivityPub is flexible enough to be a Twitter clone, a reddit clone, a blogging platform, a youtube clone, a twitch clone, a goodreads clone, or several other formats. AT Proto’s currently only proven to work for a Twitter clone.

    1. or subdomain ↩︎

  • So I’m just thinking about how this would work, in a perfectly non-competitive world:

    There’d need to be some Browser Standards Association to implement and suggest browsers to add to a list of “certified browsers”, with transparent requirements to be included to ensure low quality or outdated browsers aren’t included. The OS would need to implement that entire list in a randomized format. There’d preferably be some sort of built-in pros/cons list of the browser, I suppose these could be put together by a combination of the BSA and the competing browsers.
    But these pros/cons won’t be understandable or significant to 95% of people.

    The BSA would also want to ensure there’s diversity not just in browser and companies (like Opera getting 3 fucking entries), but would also want to ensure there’s a variety of browser engines (preferably not just chromium and webkit).