• HumanPenguin
    2 months ago

    Success is no proof of comparative ease.

    Just that the division is actual evidence that a different approach is needed. And let’s face it. In most daily situations the military has a do it the way we always have attitude.

    Thanks for sharing though. Its a good story to share.

    As I said we did it in the UK. Not just with regular troops in ww2. But spy units were trained in secret (along with the home gaurd). To act as a resistance if Germany ever took the UK.

    This was made up of retired and protected industry non conscripts.

    Much of it only released under the official secrets act in the last 20 years. They were literally trained to sabertarge the German lines and keep the resistance active if our government was removed.

    But as I say. Its a different thing to train older people. Unless they have had reason to remain fit. Many take more time. And care to train to military standards. The higher level their carreer the more likely much of it was spent at a desk.

    And teens leaving school are more used to being directed in the way they are expected to think. Old folks have good reason to think they may know better.

    As I said harder to train not impossible. Often best with a more flexible approach then the break down and rebuild most basic training attempts.

    And my grandfather died a few years back. But could not keep up was not a phrase I’d dare use untill the last few years. But generalisations have value when folks are making decisions based on a whole nation.