Pope Francis wants to curb a surge in bogus “spiritual encounters”, such as the one in classic Only Fools And Horses episode The Miracle Of Peckham.

The Pontiff is urging Catholics to exercise “extreme prudence” over reported spiritual sightings. The 1986 Only Fools episode saw Del, played by Sir David Jason, make money thanks to a Virgin Mary statue “crying”.

But it happened because the church roof had a leak.

Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, who is in charge of the church’s rules department, said it was ­“finalising a new text with clear guidelines”. The guide is due to be released tomorrow (May 17).

As well as spiritual encounters, the pope is also expected to speak about alien life forms.

The move to hold the press conference has caused ripples in the alien community, as one like this hasn’t been held since February 1978.


  • rubikcuber
    21 month ago

    Plot twist, they’re all fake.